Outdoor Boots & Colorado Footwear Vail, CO

Ptarmigan Sports carries top brands for Colorado footwear in Vail Valley Edwards, CO. Make us your go-to, one-stop-shop for all outdoor footwear and active lifestyle needs.

The best outdoor footwear in Vail, Colorado makes a huge difference in recreation and outdoor activities. Enjoy mountain vistas and hike for hours. Go backpacking deep into the wilderness without having sore feet. At Ptarmigan Sports, you can find all of the best footwear in the Vail Valley. Our outdoor boots and active Goretex footwear keeps your feet warm and dry, protects them, and offers the perfect amount of support.

Quality outdoor shoes  & Lifestyle footwear

First and foremost, we focus on quality. Our winter sports footwear features state-of-the-art materials for maximum comfort and top performance. As the Vail Valley’s outdoor gear experts, we have an endless variety of premium footwear for every time of year and activity:

    • Snow Boots
    • Snowshoeing Boots
    • Hiking Boots
    • Leather Boots
    • Rain Boots
    • Winter Running Shoes and Boots
    • Plenty of Waterproof Footwear

These styles are strong and lightweight. They adapt to your preferred lifestyle, whether you’re cutting through knee-deep snow or photographing Colorado’s gorgeous backdrop. For winter, spring, summer, and fall, we’ve got you covered.

Outdoor Boots and Colorado Footwear

We’re the shop the Vail winter visitors and pros come to in search of high-performance gear for winter sports and summer activities. Our trusted top outdoor shoes brands deliver incredible results from family-friendly activities to the most extreme sports. Discover the best snow boots, mountaineering boots, backpacking boots, hunting boots and much more!

Famous Shoe Brands & Fit

At Ptarmigan Sports, we’re experts at helping you find the best fit for your feet. Our team is famous for it. We have a variety of different shoe sizes, custom widths and all the top quality brands, so visit our store or contact us today.

Our active footwear pros can help you choose the boot before braving the elements. This gives you the perfect balance of comfort and support. When it comes to finding gear for hiking, climbing, snowshoeing, running, or other adventurous outdoor activities, you’ll never meet a more experienced team in your life.

Comfort Footwear For Outdoor Activities

If you ask a pro about the most crucial factor for choosing footwear, the answer is always fit. Whether you’re looking for durable hiking boots or chic après ski shoes, excellent footwear takes exceptional care of your feet. That way, you can be outside longer, play harder, and explore farther.

The best outdoor shoes provide all-day comfort that let you take in all of the beauty that Vail, CO has to offer. From crisp sunrise excursions to nighttime partying, Colorado’s winter and summer activities are even more unforgettable when your feet feel fantastic the whole time. Our high-performance footwear is lightweight, breathable, responsive, and firm. With next-gen cushioning tech and custom-fit footwear, you’re in store for the most comfortable shoes and vacation to the Colorado Mountains.




From Outdoor adventures to Evenings in Vail Valley, CO

Getting ready to take in Vail after a day in the mountains? We have trendy après ski boots and designer footwear for every style. We believe you should always express yourself via footwear, and winter boots are no exception. Whether you’re into fashionable, cozy, rugged, playful, sporty, or sophisticated, you can find styles that turn heads at Ptarmigan Sports. If you appreciate bold colors, the best brands, and accents, you’ll find it in our selection.

Expert Footwear Team for Vail Valley Visitors

You might say that we’re a well-kept Vail Valley secret that’s not so secret anymore. Our customer service is legendary. This is a massive help if you’re just getting started in the world of skiing, snowboarding, or other winter sports.

    • VIP treatment: You’ll love the way our friendly team helps you find your favorite shoes. We serve all of our customers, like family and friends.
    • Personalized assistance: From the moment you walk through the door, you get one-on-one help from our experienced winter sports pros.
    • Knowledgeable pros: We know everything there is to know about outdoor footwear, and we’re happy to answer all of your questions.
    • Local experts: Is this your first visit to Vail’s winter playground? You don’t have to worry about sticking out when you come to our store first. We can get you set up with the best footwear, gear, and après ski styles.

Longtime winter and summer sports enthusiasts come to us for high-quality gear that stands up to the most demanding conditions. Our team also has an excellent reputation with new skiers, snowboarders, mountain climbers and more. We explain the advantages of different options so you can choose something that makes you happy for years.

A Vast Variety of the Best Brands

Do you want a specific style that’s usually hard to find? It’s not hard for us. Local Colorado residents visit us in search of hard-to-find footwear that fits perfectly.

Here are just some of our footwear superstars:

    • Salomon
    • Sorel
    • La Sportiva
    • Merrell
    • Hoka
    • Keen
    • Brooks
    • Salewa
    • Lowa

Find specialized trail-running shoes, road-running shoes, sports sandals, water shoes, and more for when you’re off the slopes. Check out some of our other top brands at Ptarmigan Sports.

Colorado Footwear Professionals at Ptarmigan Sports

Why waste time trying to pick out footwear from a digital screen? Buying winter boots online isn’t a great idea if you want the best performance and fit. Visit Ptarmigan Sports today, our store is located at 137 MAIN ST # C-140 EDWARDS, CO 81632. Our professional and knowledgeable team will help you find your favorite styles and the best footwear for your trip. Discover what amazing customer service is all about. We know Colorado’s weather, and we make sure you stay cozy, comfortable, and up-to experiencing your whole trip.

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