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The Colorado Rockies offer plenty of potential for fun outdoor recreational activities for the entire family. While skiing and snowboarding may be the two most popular sports in the winter in Vail, Colorado, mountaineering activities are great for the warm summer months. Whether you live here in Vail or are just trying to make the most of your summer vacation, you can find the high-quality gear and clothing you need for alpine-mountaineering at Ptarmigan Sports.

Mountaineering in Vail, CO

There are numerous trails, mountains, and cliffs in the Colorado Rockies that make it a prime destination for mountaineering sport or activities. With so many spots to choose from, you’re sure to find a place to cater to people of every skill level. Let your kids try out their climbing skills on small cliff faces or in one of the indoor climbing gyms in the area, or try your hand at some of the more challenging hiking spots to see how well you handle it. Just make sure you have the gear you need to make any mountaineering excursion successful.

Vail Mountain Climbing Gear

If you’re interested in trying out hiking trails or mountain climbing, you need the proper gear to make sure you stay safe. You want equipment that is durable and holds up well when you are tackling a steep cliff face, and you’ll find a wide variety of great gear here at Ptarmigan Sports. Our staff members are all outdoor enthusiasts themselves, and many of them have used our equipment, so you can trust that we will give great advice and recommendations on which types of gear are right for you.

mountaineering gear vail co


Mountaineering and Climbing Essentials and Clothing

While having great gear is important for a successful adventure, you also need to dress the part to stay comfortable. You need clothes that fit well and won’t get in your way while you are climbing, but they also need to be lightweight and durable. Because you will most likely seek the best experience out of your adventure, you’ll also want clothes you can wash easily when they get dirty.

All of the essential mountaineering clothing here at Ptarmigan sports meets these three criteria. Whether you are tackling a real rock face or an indoor climbing gym, we have the shoes, pants, shirts, and jackets that will help you stay comfortable during your adventure. Our pieces of clothing make it possible for you to participate in traditional climbing, aid climbing, or multi-pitch climbing.

What is Mountaineering?

While outside climbing is typically a summer sport, you can visit an indoor climbing gym at any time of the year to try your hand at the sport. If you visit Vail during the winter, however, you may prefer to give mountaineering a try. Similar to hiking, this sport gives you plenty of opportunities to explore the stunning scenery of the Colorado Rockies. 

Mountaineering simply involves longer treks up the mountain through ice and snow. Once you’ve conquered the sport of mountaineering, you have truly embraced everything that the Colorado Rockies has to offer, and Ptarmigan Sports has the pieces of gear you need to turn your dream into a reality.

Alpine Mountaineering Equipment, Gear & Supplies

Mountaineering is not a sport for the faint of heart, but if you have the right gear and equipment, you can set yourself up for a successful excursion. Choose sturdy boots that will keep your feet warm and dry on the snowy trails and help you keep your balance when the paths turn icy. Find heavy-duty winter coats and clothing that will help you stay toasty regardless of what the outdoor temperature is. You’ll even find an unbeatable selection of mountaineering backpacks and camping gear, so you have everything you need for a safe mountaineering trip. Our equipment comes from trusted brands, so you know our mountaineering gear is designed for the trail.

Shop Vail Mountaineering Gear at Ptarmigan Sports

Ptarmigan Sports is here to help you make the most of your time in Vail so you can have unforgettable outdoor experiences. Whether you are new to mountaineering or an experienced pro, we carry high-quality gear, clothing that will keep you safe and comfortable during your excursion. Our shop is located as part of the Riverwalk in Edwards, Colorado, near the Eagle River just off of Highway 70. Take exit 163 and visit our store today to find the gear you need. Contact us today to ask about our inventory or get advice from one of our expert staff members.

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