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Ptarmigan Sports carries an assortment of hiking and camping gear in Vail Valley Edwards, CO. Make us your go-to, one-stop-shop for all sports gear and active lifestyle needs.

When you visit the Colorado Rockies in the summer, you can explore the gorgeous scenery by hiking and camping along many of the mountain trails. If you want to have a successful excursion, you need access to high-quality hiking & camping gear. Ptarmigan Sports has a wide selection of great outdoor gear so that you can make the most of your time here in Vail, Colorado. Whether you just want to explore the mountain with a hiking trip or tackle rock climbing in Vail, we have the gear you need to keep you safe and comfortable during your excursion.

Hiking and Camping in Vail Valley

While skiing and snowboarding are two of the most popular outdoor sports in the Colorado Rockies, there are also plenty of hiking trails and camping spots for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy. There are many different trails to choose from so you can find one that matches your skill level. Take the entire family camping along with one of the scenic trails and enjoy long, easy hikes, or tackle tougher trails with your friends and spend the night in a tent before trying out rock climbing. However you plan to enjoy the outdoors, Ptarmigan Sports has the gear that will make your excursion a success.

Hiking Gear Essentials, Equipment, and Clothing

When you hit the hiking trails, you want to stay safe and comfortable so you need to carry the appropriate gear with you. Don’t only does Ptarmigan Sports carry a great selection of activewear for men, women, and children, but we also stock sturdy footwear for people of all ages. Shop for a hat to keep your face protected from the sun and stock up on sunscreen to protect the people in your group with fair skin. You’ll also find a wide variety of durable backpacks so you can carry snacks and water bottles easily and get the fuel you need to tackle any type of trail.

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Packs & Hiking Accessories

One of the most important pieces of gear you can tack on a hike is a daypack. With the right pack, you can easily carry essential items such as water bottles and snacks in addition to a first aid kit in case you have a minor accident on the trail. All of our packs come from trusted brands such as Gregory and Osprey so you know they can withstand the wear-and-tear of the mountain trails.

Camping Equipment, Gear & Supplies

Whether you’re camping in a tent or prefer to sleep under the stars, you need equipment. Our selection of camping gear includes handy flashlights so you can see what goes on after the sun goes down. Find a high-quality trekking backpack that makes it easy to carry all of your backcountry gear and stock up on outdoor essentials such as sunscreen and bug spray.

We also stock the camping supplies you need to make any trip successful. Choose a tent that will fit your entire family inside comfortably or find a variety of smaller tents so that everyone can have their own space on the trip. Made of durable fabric, our tents are designed to withstand the natural elements of the Colorado Rockies so you can feel safe inside during a rainstorm.

Our sleeping backs are designed to keep you warm and toasty even when the temperature dips so you can stay comfortable while sleeping. If you’re afraid of getting too hot while you sleep, use one of our lightweight sleeping bags to stay cool.

You’ll also find cooking gear in our selection of camping supplies. Select a durable skillet to cook fresh-caught fish in, or take skewers with you to roast hot dog weenies on the trail. Carry plates so you can serve individual portions. Make sure you have the supplies to start a fire so you can cook!

Backpacking, Camping, and Hiking Gear in Vail

Whether you’re looking for camping gear, backpacks and daypacks or hiking essentials, Ptarmigan Sports has you covered. All of our gear is tested by our active staff members so we know which products were built for the trail. You can be confident that every product we carry is capable of holding up regardless of which activity you choose to enjoy.

Shop Vail Hiking and Camping Gear at Ptarmigan Sports

Not only do we carry top brands you love such as REI and Patagonia at Ptarmigan Sports, but we also staff people who are outdoor enthusiasts just like you. If you have any questions about the year-round activities available in Vail or you want expert advice and recommendations on which products will offer the most benefits for your excursion, feel free to contact us or ask any of our staff members.

Visit Ptarmigan Sports today, our store is located off exit 163 on Highway 70 at 137 MAIN ST # C-140 EDWARDS, CO 81632. Our outdoor sports clothing shop near Vail is an easy and convenient stop when you’re shopping at the Riverwalk in Edwards, Colorado. If you want top-of-the-line gear to help you get off the grid and enjoy the fresh air of the great outdoors, browse our inventory to find products from brands you love and trust. Take advantage of our great sales and place an online order to enjoy high-quality outdoor gear wherever you are or stop in our store today to stock up on the gear you need to enjoy an outdoor excursion in Vail, CO.

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